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Monday, July 28, 2014

Temecula is Ideal Travel Destination for Groups of All Kinds!

Want to "wow" your tour group? Or your family? Or your friends? 

If so, begin making plans to embark on a memorable vacation or weekend getaway to beautiful Temecula in Southern California (located just one hour north of San Diego).

Home to breathtaking scenery and blue-rich skies, Temecula has a little something for everyone including hot air balloon rides, winery tours, golfing, horseback riding, entertainment, shopping, agricultural tours, and plenty of other outdoor recreation activities.

Temecula is an ideal destination for any of the following groups:
* Leisure tour groups
* Student & youth  groups
* Senior groups
* Families
* Couples
* Adventure enthusiasts
* Culinary & food enthusiasts
* Agritourism professionals
* Gardening enthusiasts
* Wine enthusiasts
* Casino enthusiasts
* Golfing enthusiasts
* Sports enthusiasts
* And the list goes on!

How can you begin planning your next trip to Temecula?
Visit the Temecula Valley website at www.visittemeculavalley.com, as well as order any of the following helpful guides:
* Online Visitors Guide
* Tour & Travel Planner Guide
* Meeting Guide
* Sports Planner Guide
* Temecula Valley Visitor Guide

Or for more info, you can contact Temecula Valley and Visitors Center directly at:

Visit Temecula Valley – Main Office & Visitors Center 28690 Mercedes Street. Suite A
Temecula, CA 92590
Phone: (951) 491-6085
Toll Free: (888) 363-2852
Fax: (951) 491-6089

Email: info@visittemeculavalley.com
Website: www.visittemeculavalley.com

P.S. Be sure to also watch the great following video about Temecula...

Multi-Generational Vacations Are on the Rise in the U.S.(by Dan Peltier, Skift)

Opening excerpt:
Grandparents love spending time with their grandchildren, and now they’re seemingly taking more vacations with them than ever before to create those cherished memories.

Friday, July 25, 2014

2015 Passion Play in Italy for Churches & Faith-based Groups (by Ruth Hill/Travel Market Report)

Passion Play taking place in 2015 in Italy for faith-based travel groups.

Here's the story from Ruth Hill and Travel Market Report:

"It will be another five years before the Oberammergau play comes around, and the experience is much the same,” said Regina Tours president Nick Mancino.

UNWTO Committed to Support Ethiopia's Tourism Industry

Article link http://m.allafrica.com/stories/201407230944.html/?maneref=http%3A%2F%2Flittleethiopia.org%2F 

23 July 2014 , Source: Ethiopia Government

Dr. Taleb Raifi, Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), announced on Sunday (July 20) that UNWTO would continue to promote Ethiopia's rich and extensive historical, cultural and natural tourist sites. He said the organization would collaborate with Ethiopia's Ministry of Culture and Tourism to protect the heritage of the country, and help set up multi-tourism organizations as well as expand tourist infrastructures.

As Ethiopia was the cradle of human kind, he said, UNWTO remained committed to advertise Ethiopia's historic, religious and natural attractions through various promotional activities as well work to make Ethiopia a preferred tourist destination.

Tadelech Dalecho, State Minister for the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, emphasized that the discussions she had with the Secretary General of UNWTO were helpful in carrying forward Ethiopia's vision of becoming one of the top five tourist destinations in Africa by 2020. She noted that UNWTO's support would help create capacity to expedite the promotional activities necessary to transform the tourism industry. She said she appreciated UNWTO's pragmatic engagement in publicizing Ethiopia's major tourist attraction sites and provide support in the development of infrastructure.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Add Wine Tastings and Tours to Your Southern California Experience with Monte De Oro Winery

Enjoying wine tastings at
Monte De Oro Winery
If you love winery tours, wine tasting experiences and spectacular scenery, then be sure to add Monte De Oro Winery in Temecula to your Southern California tours and getaways.

Temecula is the wine country capital of Southern California and there's few better places to experience the true flavor of this destination than at Monte De Oro Winery.

Here's a brief look at what you can do with a visit to this award-winning winery destination:
* Enjoy a delectable variety of wines in their architecturally stunningly  Tasting Room.
* Participate in a guided tour of the winery and vineyards, discovering and learning firsthand about Monte De Oro's winemaking process
* Take in beautiful panoramic views of the Temecula Wine Country from the outdoor terrace

Monte De Oro is also the ideal place to celebrate a wedding, corporate event or a party of virtually any kind.

It's perfect for large groups, small groups, couples or individuals....making it an ideal experience for any tour itinerary and  weekend (or weekday!) getaway.

For more information contact:

Monte De Oro Winery
Address: 35820 Rancho California Rd, Temecula, CA 92591
Phone: (951) 491-6551
Website http://montedeoro.com 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

One of the Finest Temecula Winery Restaurants for Your Groups: Callaway Vineyard & Winery

I loved the wine tasting experience
at Callaway Vineyard!
If you're planning a group tour, or even an individual or family trip to Temecula in Southern California.....definitely consider adding Callaway Vineyard and Winery to your itinerary. There are so many reasons to visit Callaway Vineyard and Winery.

Breathtaking Views
For one, it's located in a spectacular area of Temecula sitting atop a hill with gorgeous panoramic views of the valley below.

Mediterranean Cuisine & Winery Restaurant
Secondly, Callaway's restaurant (Meritage Restaurant) ranks among the finest in Temecula with its delicious Mediterranean-type cuisine. The meals are all made with the freshest of ingredients of each season from the local farms. It's about as authentic as you can get!

Guided Walking Tours
Then either before or after dining at Meritage Restaurant, you can enjoy a guided walking tour of the winery fields at Callaway. Learn firsthand about their grape vineyards and growing processes, as well as their wine-making processes.  It's a fascinating and fun learning experience for all involved!

Wine Tastings!
And no visit to Callaway Vineyard would be complete without wine tastings. While here you can taste a wide variety of wines made right here at Callaway.

How to Book Your Next Visit to Callaway Vineyard & Winery?
Simply contact the winery at the information below or visit their website.

Callaway Vineyard & Winery
32720 Rancho California Road, Temecula, CA 92591
Tel (951) 676-4001 or (800) 472-2377
Fax (951) 676-5209

Website http://www.callawaywinery.com

Meritage at Callaway
(951) 587-8889

Monday, July 21, 2014

Culinary Travel at its Best: Touring Olive Oil Ranch in Southern California (Temecula)

Have you ever been on an olive oil ranch tour?

If you're looking for a fascinating culinary travel experience for your tour group, family or yourself, look no further than the Temecula Olive Oil Company in Southern California.  Here on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month you can enjoy a guided walking tour of the olive groves, as well as the process behind olive harvesting techniques, milling and pressing, as well as even tasting of the extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars.

I myself had an opportunity to enjoy a guided tour along with the olive oil tastings. What an experience! The scenery was spectacular, the information was very fascinating, and the tastings of numerous different olive oils a wondrous delight.

A visit to the ranch of the Temecula Olive Oil Company is perfect for senior groups, church groups, culinary groups, families, gardening groups, leisure travel groups and many others.

To get an inside glimpse of the tours offered, click here to watch a video: 

Here's another glimpse into special events hosted at the olive oil ranch:

For information about booking a tour, click here:

P.S. If you're in downtown Temecula, San Diego, Solano Beach, or Seal Beach, you can visit one of the shops of the Temecula Olive Oil Company where you can purchase their olive oils and other related products. For more info about the shops and locations, click here: 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Temecula is a Must!

 One of the most beautiful places in North America to enjoy a hot air balloon ride is in the Southern California wine country valley of Temecula.

Last week I had an opportunity to do just that! Spectacular, breathtaking and amazing are just some of the words to describe the experience.

As it was my first time to ride a hot air balloon ride, I was full of anticipation and a little nervousness.  However, basically once we lifted off, it was all enjoyment and excitement from that point onward.

One of the biggest highlights came about halfway through the trip when we rose above the clouds to 4,400 feet with incredible views of the sunrise and four mountain ranges....it was without par, once of the most awe-inspiring views and experiences I've ever encountered (see my photo to the right!).

Another highlight was flying just a few feet above several vineyards, we could even see the grapes growing on the vines!

After the one-hour trip, there was one more final highlight in store, enjoying a glass of champagne with our fellow 5 travelers whom we rode with. Together we all toasted to the trip and shared conversations about our fantastic hot air balloon experience.

We learned one of the couples on board was celebrating their anniversary and the husband had surprised his wife by arranging the hot air balloon ride in advance as a gift (she had no idea about it until they showed up at the launching site and she saw the hot air balloon carrier basket. It was at that time she learned they were going on a hot air balloon ride to celebrate their anniversary!).

How can you or your group learn more about booking a hot air balloon ride in Temecula? 

For more information about hot air balloon rides, click on the following Visit Temecula Valley website which provides a listing of hot air balloon companies:

For more information about booking directly with the company that I rode with (A Grape Escape Balloon Adventure), click here http://www.hotairtours.com.

Or you can contact them directly at:
A Grape Escape Balloon Adventure
33475 La Serena Way, Temecula, CA 92591
Phone:(951) 699-9987

Friday, July 18, 2014

You'll Love Pechanga Resort....California's Largest Casino

If you're looking for a fun, exciting getaway.......definitely consider going to Pechanga Resort & Casino located in the Southern California city of Temecula (just one hour north of San Diego)!

Pechanga offers so much as an all-inclusive destination. It's a resort, it's a casino, it provides entertainment, it's provides a spa, and it provides golf opportunities.

It's the perfect destination for people of all ages and for groups of all kinds.

Here's 5 great reasons to stay at Pechanga:
1) Beautiful accommodations located in the midst of beautiful scenery
2) Some of the biggest names in entertainment play there.
3) More than 3,000 slots and video machines along with 130+ table games
4) Pamper yourself at the spa
5) Ranked among the best golf courses

How can you learn more about Pechanga Resort & Casino or book your next stay there?
Visit their official website: www.pechanga.com

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cork Fire Kitchen Offers Most Delicious Farm-to-Table Experience in Temecula

Are you looking for a most authentic and delicious farm-to-table experience for yourself, family or tour group?

Definitely check out the Cork Fire Kitchen in Temecula, California.  The restaurant is located at the Temecula Creek Inn.

This past week we had an opportunity to dine at the Cork Fire Kitchen to celebrate a friend's birthday. It was the perfect place to enjoy our festivities while feasting on delicious, organic cuisine. All of our meals were made by the chef with the freshest of ingredients from local farms.

My delicious spread of cheeses and meats from local farms
while dining at the Cork Fire Kitchen
If you're looking to wow your friends, family, or group with a memorable and one-of-a-kind breakfast, lunch or dinner experience, then I highly recommend contacting the Cork Fire Kitchen!

How can you learn more about the Cork Fire Kitchen? Just click here...

How can you book your reservation at the Cork Fire Kitchen? Just call them at 951.587.1465

* For more info about visiting Temecula in Southern California, click here.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Loved Visiting World Famous San Diego Zoo

Me at the Polar Bear Exhibit
at San Diego Zoo
Yesterday I had a chance to visit the San Diego Zoo and loved every minute of it!

The world famous San Diego Zoo is a perfect attraction for tour operators to include on their itineraries when their groups visit San Diego. The zoo appeals to every age group, as well as to a wide variety of markets from family travel to church groups to students groups and so many more.

How can you learn more about the wide variety of experiences the San Diego Zoo offers groups? Just click here to learn more: http://zoo.sandiegozoo.org/experiences 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Women's Travel Market Entrepreneur: Debra Asberry (by Groups Today)

Debra Asberry, founder and president of Women Traveling Together, talks about how she got involved in the women's travel market and what has kept her business going strong for seventeen years.

Here's the feature story by Groups Today:

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Finest Journeys Launches New Website

New Website Focuses on Luxury Travel Itineraries to Europe

ESCONDIDO, CA – May 27, 2014 – Finest Journeys, a luxury travel company that specializes in customized travel itineraries for discerning travelers to Europe, is excited to announce the launch of its new website at www.FinestJourneys.com. Finest Journeys, formerly known as In Quest of the Classics, has carefully crafted its new website to showcase its unique and luxurious offerings.

The focal point of the website that both consumers and travel agents will find helpful are the many itineraries featured, which provide detailed itinerary examples of the types of trips Finest Journeys can put together to different countries in Europe. Each trip can be customized to best fit the needs and interests of each traveler. From Western Europe to Eastern Europe and the majestic countries of Scandinavia to the remote islands of Greece, Finest Journeys can provide memorable travel experiences for any part of the European continent.  
Speaking at the launch of the new website, Finest Journeys President Suzanne Kurtz said, “We are thrilled that the new website can be used by our customers and their travel agents to help them decide what type of itinerary and trip style they want for their vacation. My team of experienced travel consultants are here to help with the itinerary planning fully supported by our local on the ground network in every European country we feature.”

Finest Journeys has strong and long established partnerships with local travel organizers and prestigious hotels around Europe who provide 24/7 local on the ground support for its traveling clients.
To continue to make things easy for travelers, the Finest Journeys website also has a Travel Styles section that breaks down itineraries into five different categories: Culinary, Honeymoon, Sailing/Cruises, UNESCO Heritage Sites and Wine Tasting.

“Finest Journeys is who we are and what we provide”, continues Kurtz, “working in partnership with the travel agent community, we craft tailor made journeys in Europe for our travelers, which provide exceptional and memorable travel experiences.
About Finest Journeys

Finest Journeys is located in Escondido, California, and has over thirty years of providing luxury, custom itineraries for travel in Europe whether it's for couples, families or groups. Over the years, Finest Journeys has developed excellent relationships with travel and tourism companies for every country in Europe and can provide experiences the luxury traveler may have never even known existed, taking their trip from just memorable to a highlight of their life.

Finest Journeys…Showing You the World Your Way.

For more information about this story, contact Suzanne Kurtz with Finest Journeys at 800-227-1393 or at Suzanne@FinestJourneys.com.