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Monday, October 20, 2014

Beyond China: One-on-One with NTA's Haybina Hao

Tour Operator | National Tour Association (NTA) | David Cogswell | October 17, 2014

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Opening excerpt:

Haybina Hao was born in Beijing and became involved in NTA (the National Tour Association) during the time it was working with the U.S. and Chinese governments to help facilitate inbound U.S. travel from the Chinese mainland. She worked with Western Leisure, the Salt Lake City-based tour operator on its inbound China program, then later took the job as director of international development for NTA (formerly known as the National Tour Association).  

Hao was the NTA representative on the NTA Ethiopia Product Development Trip (PDT) in late September. TravelPulse discussed the trip with her in an interview after she returned to the U.S.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Meet the Tour Operator: Andrew Selinka

Tour Operator | David Cogswell | October 16, 2014

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Opening excerpt:
Many winding paths converge in the tour industry. The industry is a haven for a wide variety of seekers who were unsatisfied trying to fit into more conventional walks of life.
Take Andrew Selinka, the owner ofAcademic Expeditions. A look at his resume gives the impression that he wanted to try everything else before he took up tour operating.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

NTA’s Prez: Helping Members Build Unique Itineraries (by Robin Amster)

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Published by TravelMarketReport.com and written by Robin Amster.

Open excerpt:

NTA needs to continue to help its members develop special interest travel and niche markets, according to its new president.

Pam Inman, who took the reins at NTA, last month, said members have been telling her that Internet savvy travelers often search online for their own unique experiences. The association can help through education and by bringing specialists together at its annual Travel Exchange.

NTA also has a lot to offer travel agents who, for the first time last year, were invited to that convention, said Inman. The agent part of the gathering features agent-specific education and opportunities to connect with NTA members

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Ethiopian Dispatches: The Bush and the Village


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Opening excerpt:

On the eighth day of the NTA Product Development Tour of Ethiopia we saw two more essential aspects of the many-faceted country.
We started from Paradise Lodge in Arba Minch where we saw a fantastic sunrise over a vista that included the giant expanse of water of Lake Abaya and a huge symmetrical mountain known as God's Bridge.
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Ethiopia's Top Ten Religious Highlights



Here's the opening excerpt:
Ethiopia is emerging from the shadowy sidelines of the world community and joining the global travel industry, bringing its attractions to market. The richness of the country’s historical sites will surprise most people who have never visited the country before. Besides its fertile sub-saharan landscape and natural wonders, the East African country has a wealth of historical sites, and many major religious sites.
NTA (National Tour Association) recently conducted a Product Development Trip to Ethiopia, sponsored by the Ethiopian government, to introduce American tour operators to the country’s tourism possibilities.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Virtuoso chief on experiential and multigen travel trends (Travel Weekly)

Excellent article by Jeri Clausing on two key trends:

1) Upswing in luxury travelers seeking experiences that can't be found in any typical guidebook.
2) More families and multi-generationals seeking to provide their children with supplemented education through travel.

Article link:

Embassy of Ethiopia Publishes NTA's Product Development Trip to Ethiopia

Ethiopia Embassy link: http://www.ethiopianembassy.org/

Ethiopia Embassy link to NTA Product Development Trip: