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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Family Travel Research Study (www.TravelEffect.com)

Summary: The U.S. Travel Association is releasing a new study, conducted by Harris Interactive, that indicates traveling together as a family strengthens bonds and creates a lifetime of memories. Below are links to http://www.traveleffect.com featuring excerpts from the study and links to it:

Travel Effect Research Survey on Family Vacations

+ Benefits of Traveling with Your Kids (She Knows Parenting)

Most of us think of travel in terms of looking ahead: plans for spring break, summer vacation, winter holidays. But family vacations are also one of...

When asked an open-ended question about favorite vacation experiences, nature and the great outdoors come up over and over again — not surprising...

We forget many things as we age, but for most adults, recollections of family vacations from their childhood remain some of their most vivid and...

It can cost a lot to do things together as a family. Just one night at the movies can be a serious chunk of change four tickets, three sodas and two


The following text is from www.TravelEffect.com:

Family Vacations Create Lasting Memories

The second Travel Effect research survey, which explores how memories from family vacations are valued, captured and shared, is now available. It examines travel’s power to create long-lasting memories that bring families closer together. Adults report that memories formed during childhood family vacations remain vivid well into adulthood.
Please visit www.traveleffect.com to learn more about the survey’s key findings.

The Travel Effect team has developed resources that help articulate travel's effect on family memories and relationships. Weave the facts and content into your consumer-facing website or into marketing messages. Spread the word with media contacts and with social media friends and followers.


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