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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

North Dakota’s Agritourism Experiences Continue to Grow with New Providers (Groups Today)

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Article Summary:
National interest in connecting with the rural way of life continues to increase, making North Dakota a prime destination. As a result of the interest, North Dakota’s agritourism offerings continue to grow as more of the state’s providers open their doors to visitors. Agritourism is the practice of inviting guests to visit and/or participate in working farm or ranch activities.

Opening Excerpt:
According to Dean Ihla, tourism development manager at North Dakota Department of Commerce Tourism Division, it’s an opportunity to educate visitors on current farm and ranch operations while showcasing our rich agricultural heritage. “Farms and ranches participating in agritourism activities provide urban residents with hands-on experience and an up-close-and-personal snapshot of rural life,” Ihla said.

North Dakota Tourism has been promoting agritourism experiences for a number of years, but a formal program began in 2010. When registered in North Dakota Tourism’s program, the agritourism provider receives promotional assistance and greater limited liability protection. Of North Dakota’s forty-eight agritourism providers, twenty-seven are registered with North Dakota Tourism.

Ihla noted that interest in offering agritourism experiences is strong and continues to grow. “Right now, I’m aware of thirty-seven providers who are considering adding it to their operation.”

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