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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Agritourism Associations

Agritourism is definitely a Growth Market in U.S. tourism.

Here is a link to a list of Agritourism Associations and Networks:

As there are nearly 40 state Agritourism Associations, here are just a few sample ones below:
Arkansas http://www.arkansasgrown.org/Pages/default.aspx
California Agricultural Tourism Online http://calagtour.org/
Georgia http://georgia-agritourism.org/
Hawaii http://www.hiagtourism.org/
Kentucky http://www.kentuckyfarmsarefun.com/
Michigan http://www.michiganfarmfun.com/
Mississippi http://www.mississippiagritourism.org/
Missouri http://agrimissouri.com/agritourism.htm
Tennessee http://tennesseeagritourism.org/TNFarms/
Washington State Farmers Market Association http://www.wafarmersmarkets.com/

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Anonymous said...

Here is the website for the Georgia Agritourism Association: Georgia-agritourism.org