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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Watch Our New Video on You Tube: "Most Popular Vacation Experiences with Today's Generation of Travelers"

You Tube link: http://bit.ly/Most_Popular_Group_Travel_Experiences

Or click here to watch the video:
Most Popular Vacation Experiences with Today's Generation of Travelers

Video Description
What are today's most popular group travel vacations and experiences? Discover them in this video including adventure, family travel, faith-based travel, sports tourism, culinary travel, agritourism, student travel, voluntourism, fairs & festivals, health & wellness, learning vacations and much more. Above all, today's travelers are searching for vacation opportunities that tap into their passions in life. We're in a new era of group travel which features all ages, demographics, budgets and types of vacation experiences. What about the future? Travelers will continue to seek out more specialized and authentic vacation experiences while traveling with family, groups or respective communities.

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