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Monday, January 14, 2013

The PANK market a promising one in generational travel (Travel Weekly; written by Nadine Godwin)


Title: The PANK market a promising one in generational travel
Published by: Travel Weekly
Written by: Nadine Godwin

Godwin writes a fascinating article on an insightful term that I've never seen nor heard before in tourism.  And that term and word is "PANK".

Godwin writes in her story:
"PANK is an acronym for  'professional aunt, no kids,' but it really embraces any career woman who doesn't have children of her own but who loves to travel and enjoys sharing the experience with young relatives or acquaintances."

And Godwin further writes:
"PANKs are everywhere, and many travel with their nieces, nephews, godchildren or the children of friends. Travel sellers should pay attention to them -- or at least that's what market researchers are telling retailers of all kinds, because PANKs spend a lot of money on children who are not their own."

To read Godwin's full story about PANKS and how travel companies, destinations and suppliers can learn more about them and cater to them, click here:

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