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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Playing the Sports Travel Market

Oregonfans Did you know one-third of NTA tour operators work with sports travel? Comprising a $600 billion industry, the sports travel market is divided into two categories.
The first is considered participatory sports travel, which includes the packaging of travel to participate in competitive, recreational, fitness, or leisure sporting events and activities. Examples include youth participating in soccer tournaments, high-school athletes traveling to compete, or a group of adults traveling together to run in a marathon.
The second category is called spectator sports travel, which is the packaging of travel for spectating at professional, competitive, recreational, fitness or leisure sporting games and events. Possibilities include visiting a sporting venue to view a professional or amateur game, attending a major sporting event such as the Super Bowl or Kentucky Derby, or the touring of a sports museum such as the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
"Sports travel is a very specialized niche market in the travel industry, and it always will be this way as the needs are very specific, individualized and need to be customized," said Eric McAleer, managing director of Excel International Sports, an NTA tour operator.
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