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Thursday, February 5, 2015

NEW! 2015 FoodTrekking Monitor - Food Tourism Industry Report

The following announcement is from the World Food Tourism Association:

NEW! 2015 FoodTrekking Monitor

We are pleased to announceour new 2015 FoodTrekking Monitor. The Monitor is a report on, and prognosis for, the world’s food and drink tourism industry. It is positioned as an annual report that will serve as a bellwether, or temperature check, on the industry as a whole, showing yearly change and growth. The report is a comprehensive assessment with new information never before assessed or published for the food and drink tourism industry. Its contents include:
  • Food and drink tourism industry trends for 2015
  • Findings from 2014 survey of food and drink tour operators
  • Prognosis for food and drink tourism industry in 2015
  • World Food Travel Association 2014 performance metrics

The first part of the Monitor featuring trends is free. The second part containing data from our survey of food and drink tour operators and prognosis for the industry is available for US$295. Order your copy of the Monitor here.

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