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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Five Trends In Romance Travel (by Travel Market Report)

Is the specialty travel market of "Romance Travel" growing? In one word, YES! Here's an excellent story by Jessica Montevago published by Travel Market Report on five of the top trends in today's Romance Travel Marketplace.

Here's a few key phrases from the article:
  • "A multi-billion dollar industry, romance travel is a niche in bloom this—and indeed every—June."
  • "The number of couples visiting more than one destination has jumped from 35% to 70% as people try to make the most of their vacation time. “We see a growing number of couples pairing resort and city experiences, like Vancouver and Whistler, San Francisco and Hawaii, or Beaver Creek and Denver,” Westin vice president of brand management Bob Jacobs."
  • "An active traveler used to eating healthy and working out at the gym is not going to change habits even on vacation, the Westin survey found. Travelers are 1.5 times more likely to choose a vacation involving the outdoors, and nearly twice as likely to hit the slopes, as in the past. They want that perfect balance between activities and relaxation."
Click here to read the full article on "Five Trends in Romance Travel."

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