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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Just Published (April 2016): Guidebook featuring Spiritual and Religious Journeys in Québec

Quebec (Canada) is home to several of North America's most prominent shrines. In fact, there is even an organization dedicated to assisting travelers and travel companies in visiting the shrines. Click here to learn more about Quebec's National Shrines.

With above in mind, a new book called "Guide to Spiritual and Religious Journeys in Quebec" has just been published. To learn more about this guidebook, see info below:

Website link:

Guide to Spiritual and Religious Journeys in Québec

Price : $ 24.95
Author : Siham Jamaa
Series : Ulysses Lifestyle
Publisher : Ulysses Travel Guides
Format : Paper (full book)
Theme(s) : Religion
Release date : 15 april 2016
256 pages, including 10 maps; ISBN : 9782894649473

This one-of-a-kind guidebook is an invitation to discover a panoply of spiritual and sacred places in every region of Québec. Its 15 inspirational tours and magnificent photos reveal an exceptionally rich heritage unequalled anywhere else in North America.

The Guide to Spiritual and Religious Journeys in Québec will delight pilgrims whose journeys are prompted by their faith as well as those drawn by art, architecture, and history. The tours offer unique spiritual experiences while exploring countless sacred places: shrines, basilicas, museums, churches, cemeteries, ways of the cross, and temples of a variety of faiths. You’ll also meet remarkable individuals and communities, and enjoy contemplation and reflection while communing with nature.

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