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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Agritourism stories currently in the news

1)  Agritourism Measure Gaining Steam

Excerpt: An agritourism activity is any activity carried out on a farm or ranch that allows members of the general public for recreational, entertainment, or educational purposes to view or enjoy rural activities. This includes farming, ranching, historic, cultural, harvest-your-own activities or natural activities and attractions. 

2) Agri-tourism May Be the Next Best Thing to the Beach

Excerpt: Agri-tourism involves any agriculturally-based event, activity or operation, such as picking fresh fruit or vegetables, visiting a farm stand, feeding farm animals, enjoying a farm tour, horseback riding on a nature trail, or strolling through a corn maze, many of which can be especially fun for whole families.

3) Colorado Hopes Agritourism Will Help Rural Economies

Excerpt: Agritourism refers to almost any activity that brings people to a farm, including pumpkin picking, farmers markets, corn mazes, winery tours and farm-stay holidays. Many Colorado farms already offer these opportunities, said Wendy White, a marketing specialist with the Department of Agriculture, but the plan aims to increase industry education and public awareness.

4) Agritourism on the Rise

Excerpt: Do you know where your food comes from?
That’s one of the ideas driving agritourism throughout the country, and more and more farmers are considering adding the tool to their operations.  A 2011 report showed 2.4 million people visited California farms generating $35 million in revenue.

5)  New Program Helps Market Agritourism

Excerpt: “Many individuals today are looking to experience some part of the rural life,” says Glenn Muske, the NDSU Extension Service’s rural and agribusiness enterprise development specialist. “Whether going out to pick berries, getting lost in a corn maze, taking a trail ride, going hunting or just experiencing what one’s parents or grandparents did, consumers are turning to rural attractions as tourist destinations.”

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