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Friday, September 6, 2013

Surveys Reveals US Travel Industry Needs A Better Understanding of Wellness Travel: The Guide to Selling Wellness Travel Released

Los Angeles, September 9, 2013 – The surging interest in healthy lifestyles, coupled with the desire for “experiential” travel, is contributing to the growth of the wellness tourism market. Consumers are using vacations to jump-start a health regimen, detox from a digital word, and learn healthier behaviors. While wellness-focused vacations are one of the hottest trends, US travel agents, suppliers and destinations report they need more information in order to successfully sell wellness travel. 

According to a series of surveys aimed at travel sellers and travel suppliers conducted by Wellness Tourism Worldwide between 2012 and 2013, respondents identified the following needs:

1)     A better understanding of wellness travel products and services

2)     A better understanding of wellness travel motivations

3)     A better understanding wellness consumer demographics

4)     A better understanding of consumer health issues

With epidemic levels of stress contributed to chronic disease, it is no surprise consumers are partaking in vacations designed to benefit mind, body and spirit.

Health opens the door to a whole new world – as does travel.  Wellness travel presents an amazing opportunity for both the travel industry and the clients it serves.  It’s both personally and professionally rewarding; everyone wants to be vibrant and well.” said Camille Hoheb, wellness travel industry expert, Founder of Wellness Tourism Worldwide and Editor of the Wellness Travel Journal.

Ms. Hoheb added, “Over the last couple of years I’ve enjoyed meeting and connecting with hundreds of travel sellers who are excited about wellness travel. Yet, they told me they don't know where to start with selling wellness travel. That’s how the idea for a developing a how-to guide was born. It was written with the input from hundreds of travel professionals and consumers interested in wellness vacations. While the guide is written specifically for travel agents, it is a useful resource for anyone interested in selling wellness travel. I'm happy to share with what's taken me years to learn.  It’s been released less than two weeks and already, one destination gifted copies to all of their guests at their health and wellness travel sellers seminar.”

About: The Guide to Selling Wellness Travel is a powerful resource designed with learning objectives and exercises to help you get up to speed quickly so you can grow your business. It also includes a resource chapter with recommended articles, books, groups to join, sites to see and things to do.  You won't find this anywhere else!

About WTW’s New Initiative: Selling Wellness Travel provides knowledge, contacts and resources for travel agents and suppliers to promote wellness vacations and retreats. Selling Wellness Travel provides personalized support, travel agent promotion and customized training solutions.(www.sellingwellnesstravel.com)

About: Wellness Tourism Worldwide (WTW) provides market intelligence, education and promotion to destinations, travel sellers and traveler suppliers. WTW’s mission is to improve well-being and economic growth through travel. Our team includes experts in healthcare and tourism responsible for global branding, spa operations, hotel management, hospital administration and healthcare marketing. (www.wellnesstourismworldwide.com)

About: Wellness Travel Journal (WTJ) transports inspires, educates and motivates readers to invest in themselves through wellness experiences, vacations and retreats and book their next trip. (www.wellnesstraveljournal.com)

About U.S. Vacationers: Health, Happiness & Productivity – The Essential Report for Travel, Hospitality & Wellness Industries helps guide strategy for tourism development & promotion for any destination seeking to attract affluent, educated U.S. leisure travelers.  Over 93% of respondents hold passports, are vested in wellness and place a high value on vacations. To purchase: (www.wellnesstourismworldwide.com)

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