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Saturday, October 20, 2012

List of Group and Affinity Travel Markets in the Tourism Industry

The list of group and affinity travel markets in the tourism industry is extensive and ever-expanding.  Each year brings new markets and forms of travel to the forefront.  To help you start thinking in terms of group and affinity travel markets, below is a partial list of the most popular, common, well-known or up-and-coming markets in tourism.


Accessible and Disability Travel
Active Travel
Adventure Travel
Alumni, Colleges and Greek Organizations Travel
Archeology Tours
Art Tours
Company, Organization and Association Group Travel
Corporate and Business Travel
Cruising – River and Lakes
Cruising – Big and Small Ships
Culinary Travel
Dark Tourism
Educational and Learning Vacations
Ethnic, Cultural and Heritage Travel
Factory Tours
Fairs, Festivals and Events Tourism
Faith-based Tourism
Family and Intergenerational Travel
Garden Tours
Golf Vacations
Health, Wellness and Spa Travel
Holiday Travel
Incentive Travel
Medical Tourism
Meetings, Conferences and Conventions Travel
Nature Tourism
Performance and Music Tours
Photography Tours
Rail and Train Travel
Romantic, Weddings and Honeymoon Travel
Shopping Tours
Space Tourism
Sports Tourism
Student/Youth Travel

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