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Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Book Just Published on Intrapreneurship - A Must Read for Travel Professionals and Companies Looking to Grow from Within

The topic of growth markets is almost indistinguishable from the topics of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.  To tap new markets and growth requires "entrepreneurially-type thinking" from within your company.

In your company's pursuit of tapping growth markets, I highly recommend reading the following book just published on Aug. 13, 2012, on the topic of corporate entrepreneurship (intrapreneurship). It is written by Susan Foley, the founder of Corporate Entrepreneurs LLC.  You'll find lots of info below about the book and if you wish to buy it, just click on the following book cover link:
Acceleration: Changing the Speed of Growth

Acceleration: Changing the Speed of Growth

Acceleration: Changing the Speed of Growth provides a roadmap for understanding what it takes to develop corporate entrepreneurship (intrapreneurship) as a core competency inside of existing organizations to accelerate new business growth. This Part 1: Activation which looks at entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders that possess a core set of action oriented behaviors and competencies that enable them to successfully build new ventures inside established organizations.

The skills and capabilities that propelled most executives to the top of organizations in the past are not the skills required to build new businesses. Corporate entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders require a new set of competencies that distinguish them from traditional leaders. They are a distinct group of individuals. The lack of focus in many companies on this very important role is a key impediment to leveraging this valuable resource. The long term consequence is a talent drain that is steadily robbing companies of whatever entrepreneurial edge they may have had. Organizations that identify and develop their internal entrepreneurs achieve higher levels of engagement, innovation, growth and profitability.

Acceleration: Changing the Speed of Growth provides a road-map for individuals and organizations that want to develop corporate entrepreneurship as a core competency.

This book will:
· Enable you to understand what it takes to be an internal entrepreneur (Intrapreneur).
· Assist you in identifying and developing entrepreneurs needed to accelerate business growth.
· Give you an insider's view of what it takes to develop entrepreneurship inside organizations.
· Provide you with ways to eliminate the barriers and obstacles that can get in the way.
· Help you create an environment where innovation and entrepreneurship can thrive.
· Recognize the contribution that entrepreneurs make to the growth of their organizations.

Susan's mission is to help business executives, innovation teams and individuals understand the value of corporate entrepreneurship in accelerating business growth and to help individuals develop their capabilities as internal entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders.  In doing so, she is awakening the entrepreneur in all of us.


Susan Foley the founder of Corporate Entrepreneurs LLC works with organizations to develop corporate entrepreneurship (Intrapreneurship) as a core competency to accelerate new business growth. As an experienced corporate entrepreneur she understands the challenge of building corporate entrepreneurship inside of an established organization. She has spent the last twenty five years helping organizations develop new growth businesses that have generated millions. Susan is a professional speaker, consultant and author of the book Entrepreneurs Inside. She teaches Corporate Entrepreneurship in the Executive Education program at Babson College and is a Fellow at the Center for Innovation and Change Leadership at Suffolk University.


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