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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tour Ops Cultivate Brand Loyalty by Diversifying (by Robin Amstery of Travel Market Report)

Read Robin's story at Travel Market Report by clicking here:

Growth markets comprise not only the lifestyle, geographic and ethnic markets - but also the economic or price-point markets.  In a story published today by Travel Market Report and written by Robin Amstery, the article points out various tour operators who are tapping into new growth markets by capitalizing on the debut of new higher or lower-end tour products and services.  Here is the opening paragraph of the article with website link to full story below:

"Tour operators are diversifying with new product lines priced both lower and higher than their traditional tours. The strategy is aimed at reaching new markets as well as building brand loyalty among travelers – and travel agents.

It’s a strategy that mirrors one adopted by hotel companies years ago. When travel sellers — and their clients — can find a choice of tour products at different price points from a single company, they’ll have no reason to take their business to a competitor.

The trend goes beyond simply adding lower- or higher-priced offerings with the same profile as existing programs. Tour firms have launched branded product lines offering distinctive itineraries based on the immense popularity of themed and experiential travel."

Read the rest of Robin's story by clicking here:

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