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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ask the Tour Operator: Corey Marshall, President of Anderson Vacations

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Ask the Operator: Corey Marshall 
CoreyMarshallCalgary, Alberta-based Anderson Vacations became an NTA member in 2001, and company president Corey Marshall is a regular at the association's Business Builder events. He'll be heading to Hawai‘i this week for Contact. During a recent interview, we asked:

What's the value of attending Contact and Travel Exchange?

Regarding Contact:"Other than catching up with friends, what I value the most about Contact is the sharing of best practices among colleagues: talking to people we've done business with for a long time about their HR practices or insurance or any of these issues that we deal with. I think that's pretty cool, and it's a big reason I've always enjoyed that smaller, more intimate exchange."

Regarding Travel Exchange:"We go and network with other tour operators. Sometimes we take a seller's set of appointments, and sometimes we're there as a buyer and can network on the floor. In any case, it's a great way to meet potential new customers.

"Convention for us is an opportunity to look at new destinations and products and partners. It's a great way to find partners that are interested in our programs in Canada or the South Pacific, and we always pick up one or two or three accounts. Travel Exchange [also helps us] maintain our relationships with existing clients. And then the educational seminars are critical, so I pick the ones where I gain ... insights, whether it's social media or contracting. 

"NTA provides a platform for us to make sure we're staying on top of market trends, researching new products and opportunities and able to sell to our fellow member tour operators." 

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