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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What does it take to be an intrapreneur in the travel industry?

Article link from NTA:

What does it take to be an intrapreneur in the travel industry? And what exactly is an intrapreneur?

Kevin Wright, NTA's director of growth markets, tackled both questions in an online Q&A. An intrapreneur, like an entrepreneur, turns ideas into profitable products and services, only an intrapreneur does so as an employee of a company.

In the article, Wright described his most notable intrapreneurial success: While working at Globus, he created a business plan for a new initiative, which the company used to launch a faith-based-travel division.
He said being an intrapreneur takes more than having a good idea. "An intrapreneur must exercise the skills of communication, diplomacy ... and problem-solving and possess a strong knowledge base and expertise over the subject matter."

To see the rest of the interview, which includes advice for aspiring intrapreneurs, follow this link.

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