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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Domino's Debuts Commercial Promoting Business Innovation via Pizza-Fueled Meetings

While watching TV last night, I was really impressed with a new Domino's Pizza commercial I saw for the first time.  In the commercial, Domino's associates eating pizza with entrepreneurs, business-building meetings and break-through innovation thinking.

This new "Powered by Pizza" campaign by Domino's I believe is brilliant from a business perspective.  And what I find amazing is, how simple the concept and reality is behind it. 

The vast majority of us in the travel industry can identify with pizza often being at our side during key meetings of breakthrough on new travel products, services, marketing, sales, and promotional ideas.  As for me, I can say pizza has been a part of our meetings at NTA, WRTA, Globus, and Maupintour, as well as at various trade industry conferences and events.

Here are a few highlights about the new "Powered by Pizza" campaign:
* Recognizes pizza as the food that fuels innovation
* Honors and rewards people involved in the business innovation process.
* Domino's will gift 30 startup companies with Pizzavestments: $500 gift certificates
* Domino's will support upstart campaigns on crowdfunding site www.indiegogo.com with free food and other Pizza perks

To read more about this innovative campaign by Domino's (which yes, they say was formulated in company meetings fueled by pizza), click on this article:

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